Our Story

FairFruit was born out of a dream of 4 young travelers. While visiting Guatemala to learn Spanish in 2003, they came up with the idea to set up a business and to help a local cooperative of nispero growers with technical assistance and the marketing of their produce. They believed that a social business could bring long lasting value to the farmers and their families. 

The young entrepreneurs soon realized that the Guatemalan sector of export vegetables had the potential to reach much bigger numbers of farmers and have a positive impact on the local economy. They shifted focus and in 2005 established FairFruit Guatemala as an exporter of fresh vegetables, mainly snow peas, sugar snaps and French beans. Since then the company has built partnerships with many farmer cooperatives and some individual growers, focusing on providing access to fair markets internationally and supporting farmers in improving their production. 

Around 2013 FairFruit started expanding its activities to Peru in order to increase the year-round availability of snow peas and sugar snaps (taking advantage of the opposite seasons of Guatemala and Peru). 

Today, FairFruit provides and income for more than 700 farmers and employs around 350 people in Guatemala, Peru and Belgium. We produce a wide range of exotic vegetables with snow peas, sugar snaps and French beans representing the biggest volumes. Our products can be found in most major retailers in North-West Europe and in several supermarkets in the USA.

Happy Consumers


FairFruit is committed to provide healthy premium quality products with a fair and sustainable origin. We are relentless in getting you the freshest and tastiest product. But we equally care about the impact of agricultural production and international trade flows on our planet. We are therefore committed to reducing pesticide use by promoting more sustainable production technologies. And we ship most of our products by boat instead of flying by air, keeping a check on our carbon footprint. 


 FairFruit seeks to inspire the planet with a different way of  doing business, 

one that shares value with everybody involved in the supply chain,

from farm to fork.

Happy food for everyone!

Happy Farmers


FairFruit is committed to support farmers in becoming reliable and competitive supply chain partners. We believe in the power of partnerships and in the talent of small farmers to produce the best possible quality vegetables in harmony with their communities and natural surroundings. We also know farmers sometimes need a hand and we support them with seeds, production technology and credits. But most importantly, we simply give them a fair chance to offer their products in premium markets and to get the value they deserve for their products. 

Durabilis is an impact investment company in Belgium and the full owner of FairFruit.

Durabilis was established by the same founders as FairFruit and has additional business divisions in rice in Senegal and water and drinks in West-Africa.

Durabilis has a mission to inspire the planet with a different way of doing business and safeguards the mission of FairFruit to contribute to farmer income and worker welfare.

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Because good food tastes even better!