Our vegetables grow in the highlands of Guatemala and Peru, ensuring the best climate and growing conditions for 52 weeks of the year.


FairFruit Guatemala


In Guatemala we grow and source peas, beans and other exotic vegetables from approximately 635 farmers grouped in 12 producer groups. We operate a FSSC22000 certified pack house for grading, cooling, washing and packing products for export in the vicinity of Antigua Guatemala. 

FairFruit Guatemala was a pioneer in exporting peas to Europe by sea freight, which allowed the company to enter the market with big volumes at competitive prices. Shipping rather than flying peas also means that the carbon footprint is drastically reduced.

Did you know FairFruit was the first Fairtrade certified exporter of vegetables in Latin America? We have adopted Fairtrade certification as a model for our business relationship with farmer cooperatives. Today, most of our vegetables sold in the USA are Fairtrade certified. 

This is where the best veggies grow 




In Peru we source peas and asparagus from approx. 85 small scale farmers and 2 medium-sized farms. We have a packing facility near Huacho to grade, wash and pack vegetables for export to Europe and the USA. Our production zones are mainly located in the vicinity of Caraz, in the Andean mountains where water is abundant, and the climate is perfect for the production of premium quality peas. 

The operations in Peru take advantage of the experience in growing, smallholder management and certification that we have gained in Guatemala. As in Guatemala, the operation in Peru is Fairtrade certified and almost exclusively relies on maritime transport for the export of our products.





FairFruit has Belgian roots with headquarters in Belgium. We have a sales and customer support office in the historic town of Ghent. We share this office with our colleagues from our mother company Durabilis.